Omg This is so amazing it makes me uncomfortable



Nigerian pin-up

Maurizio Cattelan


WILMER Angleterre non traditionnelle, ca. 1970

"To travel is to live."

- Hans Christian Andersen (via aestheticintrovert)

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Loc goals.

before i used to look in the mirror & dread going out because i couldn’t find something i was comfortable with physically

but when i look now…i cant stop lol

All i want is for my girls to be able to love them selves the way i love them,  for them to know its completely fine to say “i love me” and not feel guilty about it. I remind them all the time how wonderful they are just so they have at least one person who supports them emotionally because it makes me happy seeing them grow with me. They deserve the best in life & i want them to KNOW they deserve the best, and not let there judgement be clouded by anyone or anything. My girls, These women don’t know how powerful they are & I’ve recently made friends with some women who have found their inner queen, when i first saw them the way they walked & talked, instantly attracted me. It felt good being in their company. I never get tired of pushing out positive vibrations because it feels natural to me and it really helps when a sister pushes that positive vibration back. 

Im. Trying.